Among Women 148: “Coming Home” while on Pilgrimage


October 16, 2012

This week’s episode:

“Blessed are They”: Catherine of Bologna

“Among Women” Guest: Joanne McPortland

This week we visit with Egregious Twaddle blogger, Joanne McPortland, and listen to the ways God spoke to her on pilgrimage most recently to Marian shrines in Portugal, Spain, and France, (including Fatima and Lourdes), as well as in a previous pilgrimage to Assisi. We talk about the important integration of faith and life and the gift of the experience of walking where Mary and the saints have been, and the lessons one finds along the pilgrim way.

Links for this episode:

The Book of Saints for Catholic Moms, by Lisa Hendey

 Egregious Twaddle blog posts from Joanne McPortland on her recent pilgrimage experiences.

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AW 137: My podcast about my recent pilgrimage to Lourdes, France this past June.

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Finally, be sure to check out my extensive blog post on the Year of Faith at my blog, The Back Porch, and AW 147 that also describes it.

Mary and infant Jesus, painted by St Catherine of Bologna, 15th century.

 image credit

The other photograph in the thumbnail is from my recent pilgrimage to Lourdes… the Cross, with pilgrim’s crosses carried to Lourdes, looking down the main esplanade toward the main basilicas.


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